Jazz & Musical Theatre Dance Workshop

“Bringing value to dancers’ lives
by using dance excellence as a platform.”

What an incredible workshop weekend we had to start off the New Year! Guest teacher Regina Gilstrap from Greenville, South Carolina was able to join us, and led a holistic, educational dance experience for children 7-13 years old on January 12-14. Dancers took class, learned choreography, experienced jazz/musical theatre dance history lessons, and enjoyed craft time.

On the final day of the workshop parents had the opportunity to observe the students’ jazz class, and learned the methodology behind various movements, exercises and combinations, as well as its direct connection to real life lessons that can be carried with each student outside of the dance space. Choreography wise, dancers learned a jazz dance, as well as a musical theatre dance, and performed both pieces at the conclusion of the showing for all to enjoy.

The informal showing is a special part of our three day dance workshops, and celebrates all that the dancers have learned and experienced. It is not only an educational opportunity for parents, but is also beneficial for the dancers because it allows them to experience a taste of performance, and what it is like to dance in front of others confidently.

The value our programs offer is lasting, and reaches beyond the barriers of dance. We hope you will join us for future workshops!

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